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Sheriff ticketed for failing to pull over for emergency lights

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (KRQE) - It was Friday, March 2 on US 54 outside Alamogordo, when State Police Officer David Dominguez had his lights and sirens blaring.

In front of him was a large black pickup truck that would not pull over. The officer was forced to go around the truck, which was driven by Otero County Sheriff Benny House. 

The officer is heard in dash camera video yelling, "Pull over!"

He was yelling at the driver to abide the law because the officer was racing to a rollover crash. 

When Dominguez arrived to the scene of the accident, a car was upside down and there were people with injuries. 

"Is everybody out?" the officer asked. 

There were people everywhere, frantic and crying. Minutes later, Sheriff House pulled alongside to the scene and Officer Dominguez raced over to him. 

Officer Dominguez asked the sheriff, "Is there any reason why you didn't get out of the lane when I was coming up?"

House replied that he didn't see him. 

The officer continued to question Sheriff House, and said, "I drove by you, and you were on your cell phone as well."

The officer told the sheriff he should never be on his phone, but kindly let him go. 

Deputies on scene asked the officer what happened when he walked away from the sheriff's truck. 

He told them: "It was more than one mile, bro. I was right behind him. He would not get out of my way. 

Hours later, in more dash camera video, it appears Sheriff House drove to the State Police Office to say sorry. 

"I appreciate you coming down here, apologizing," said the officer.  

Sheriff House was then given a ticket for failing to yield to the officer en route to an emergency. 

KRQE News 13 reached out to Sheriff House regarding his ticket, but he did not wish to comment. 


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