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New water park opens in Carlsbad

CARLSBAD, N.M. (KRQE) - Lines were long on Friday as kids of all ages waited their turn to slide down "big blue." At 50 feet high, it's the tallest water slide at Carlsbad's new water park.

The water park opened July 1st with free admission to everyone and people took advantage of the invitation. The park was at capacity for most of the day.

"It's crazy, but it's not too bad, I feel like we are ready for it, we can handle it, but it's crazy today," said lifeguard Caleb Prentiss.

Parents, like Amanda Molinar say their kids can't get enough.

"As soon as the doors opened they haven't came out, maybe just once to eat and that's about it," said

The city paid for the $4.5 million water park and they hope the water park brings in enough money to pay for itself from here on out.

"The cost to operate the water park is about $52,000 a year and the revenues are projected at about $52,000 a year," said Steve McCutcheon, city administrator.

The city knows the water park was a big investment and hopes it will give tourists another reason to visit Carlsbad.

"People can come here and spend a weekend and have something to do all the time so it's a major step in us becoming a tourism destination," said McCutcheon.

Admission to the water park is $5.

It's free for children three and under and for adults 63 and up.


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