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6th grader sent home for controversial dress code violation

LOVING, N.M. (KRQE) - A New Mexico middle school girl was sent home after a teacher says her dress was too short, but her parents think the decision was absurd.

Wednesday, Desirae Reyes' daughter Keyna was dropped off at Loving Middle School just like every other morning.

Minutes later, she got a call, saying her daughter had violated the school's dress code.      

"When I drove up there to go get her, it was the same dress that she had on before. She's taken both of her pictures in that dress,” Keyna’s mother, Desirae Reyes. “That dress is not short."

Upset with the outcome, her dad took to Facebook, posting pictures of his daughter wearing the dress.

Many shared their opinions, saying they couldn't see anything inappropriate about the sixth-grader's dress.

People KRQE News 13 spoke with agree.

"It's really not that short. When I was a teenager, I wore skirts much shorter than that," said Janet Royal.

"I thought it was a bit stupid, I mean you can see where her fingertips are and the skirt is much lower than that, isn't that the rule?" said Alison Barnes.

According to the school's handbook online, students must dress, "in an appropriate manner at all times."

It goes on the specify, "Generally, we do not allow: spandex, stretch cotton shorts, skirts, or dresses that measure more than three inches above the top of the kneecap when in a kneeling position."

"It looked real nice, and dressy. There wasn't even a problem at all,” said Floyd Chipps.

Reyes thinks the school could have done more.

“I'm mad, and her dad is mad, and Keyna's feelings are hurt, and she just feels like everybody is picking on her now,” said Reyes.

"You can't just enforce a rule sometimes and not other times, it's just silly,” said Kaicee Black.

"People need to chill out and get over themselves,” said Royal.

Keyna did go back to school later that day after her mom took her home to change.

KRQE News 13 reached out to the school district for comment, but never heard back.


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