Old Town Tours present ghost tours, scavenger hunts

ALBUQUERQUE(KRQE) - The charm of Old Town can be easily missed to the untrained eye, but there are activities that can show you through Albuquerque's oldest neighborhood.

Old Town Scavenger Hunts has provided ways to make Old Town a new and exciting place, even for those who frequent there often.

Teams of one to 10 will have to utilize all of their skills and problem solving abilities with a set of clues that will lead them on a two-hour scavenger hunt.

This is a fun and memorable event for the whole family that also provides details of historical happenings.

Every team will receive a packet of clues that range from easy to very difficult and will lead you to various locations around Old Town.

Prizes will be given to the team with the highest number of points earned in the least amount of time.

Teams with up to five players will cost $30; any additional member will be $5 per person and the max is 10.

Old Town Tours offers other events such as Spook Troop Junior Ghost Hunting Tour and Toast a Ghost, a haunted pub crawl.

For more information on any of these events, visit their website.


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