Explora demonstrates the math behind magic tricks

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Explora science museum takes the luck out of magic but offers a magical adults-only event for those who feel lucky.

How can MATH be Magic? Using playing cards and probability games, Explora demonstrates the math behind the 'magic' card tricks in the studio, and offers an opportunity to learn more for a special night geared just for grown-ups only.

Not only can one explore the whole museum’s hands-on exhibit activities, test your luck with probability games and lucky superstitions. Are owls bad luck? Meet one from On a Wing and a Prayer and see! Give a dog a lucky day by adopting them through Watermelon Mountain Ranch! Enjoy music from Strictly Commerical, try delicious mac n’ cheese from Good & Thorough Foods, and taste beverages from Velvet Coffeehouse.

Also, see the night sky with the Albuquerque Astronomical Society and connect with people all over the world with the High Desert Amateur Radio Club!

For more information, visit the Explora website.


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