A local Tree expert has helpful tips for planting trees that thrive

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Even trees planted with care can succumb to the elements if these helpful tips aren't followed.

The Urban Forestry Coordinator stopped by the studio to encourage viewers to plant trees -- and follow some simple steps to ensure they thrive.

On hand was an example of a tree which had been "lovingly planted and tended to" but had died prematurely due to its unexpanded root ball. Among the easy tips for ensuring healthy root growth:

1. PREVENT CIRCLING ROOTS: After removing the tree from its container, separate the roots and prune them off at the point where they start to circle.

2. DON'T PLANT TREES TOO DEEPLY: Their roots should begin at the surface.

3. LARGE HOLE: Make a wide enough hole with looser soil and water outward, to encourage root growth.

4. QUESTIONS?   A great, free online resource is the Tree Owner’s Manual, which covers the care of your tree from planting through long-term care. The urban forestry office can provide a hard copy, and are always available to answer questions. Your local County Extension Office is also a good resource.

For more information, visit their website.




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