Man says 'it's a joke' of viral I-40 picture

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A man says he's the one who snapped a viral picture that has many people fearing a person is in danger, strapped to the back of a car on I-40.

Adam Esquibel says he took the picture while traveling on I-40 eastbound on Friday, March 18.

"I looked and seen the figure in the back," he said.

The picture appears to show the outline of a person sitting in an electric wheelchair, covered in a tarp or blanket, that is attached to the back of a sedan on the Interstate.

Esquibel says he was deceived at first but realized it wasn't actually a person or worse -- a body.

He then saw an opportunity for a joke, snapped a picture and put it on the app Snapchat. After getting reactions from his friends, he posted it publicly on Facebook. Since then, it's been shared and liked thousands of times.

"I think it's funny, because just driving on the side, I know it's not real, but the angle I took it looks pretty real," he said.

But many people don't think it's so funny -- because they think it is real.

One person commented on the picture, saying "...tell me you called the police and got a vehicle description. This is sick!!"

Some said things like "Only in Burque." Others, however, knew it couldn't be true -- and they're right.

Esquibel assures that it's not what you think and that really, the tarp covering the electric wheelchair and the rack holding it in place made for a spooky sight.

"Take it easy, it's a joke, you know," he said.


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