More school threats in New Mexico prompt closures, delays

GRANTS, N.M. (KRQE) - There have been more school threats at New Mexico schools.

The Cibola County Sheriff says he didn't want to take any chances and recommended Grants High School and Los Alamitos Middle School close Friday after threats targeted both schools.

"We want our students to come to school and worry about being safe and getting an education and having fun, not if someone is going to try and cause harm to them," said Sheriff Tony Mace, Cibola County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Mace says they were first alerted to the threat written on a bathroom urinal at Grants High Thursday afternoon.

He says a student then shared it on Snapchat to alert classmates and it spread all over social media.

Deputies responded to the high school and have interviewed two students who shared the post.

They're still looking for the person who wrote the message in the bathroom.

While deputies were investigating the threat towards Grants High, they found another threat targeting students at Los Alamitos Middle School.

Parents say they're glad the sheriff made the call to close the school on Friday.

"I think it's good that they're doing something and taking precautions, better safe than sorry," said Chris Madrid, who has kids at both schools. "It's just sad that these kids are making these threats. They don't realize what the repercussions will be."

"So I think it was the right decision, to definitely get our kids out of there for now and find out what's going on," said Brian Burns. His son goes to Grants High School.

Sheriff Mace says they're working with the FBI to find the person responsible for the threats.

He says they will face charges.

Cibola County deputies and State Police were stationed at other area schools in the county Friday as a precaution.

School districts and police departments around the state are dealing with many threats like this one.

A second threat of violence is also circulating once more on Snapchat against Los Lunas Schools. Police say this time there is no specific school targeted.

Detectives are working with other local agencies and with Snapchat to identify the source of the threats.

Meanwhile, Artesia schools started two hours late while police investigated a social media threat. Police haven't said whether they have a suspect.

In Farmington, officials decided to get proactive. Even though there has not been a specific threat there, officers will be making unannounced school visits.

For a map of the recent threats made towards schools around the state, click here. 


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