Huge increase in twins born in Clovis this year

CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE)- There may be something in the air in one New Mexico town.

A medical center in Clovis says it's seeing way more twins born than it usually does.

For many parents, finding out the sex of the baby is the biggest surprise during pregnancy but at the Women's Medical Center in Clovis a number of moms have been getting double the surprise.

"We've had a huge increase in twins this year and it's kind of been exciting to see over this year," said Larossa Apodaca, certified nurse midwife at Women's Medical Center.

Midwives at WMC say they usually deliver fewer than 10 set of twins a year but that that number has more than doubled already, and there are more to come.

"We've already delivered 20 sets of twins, so forty babies, 20 sets and we have 11 more due within the next six months," said Apodaca.

No one really knows why it's happening.

The midwives say that older women and women on infertility treatments have a higher chance of twins but that's not who's having the twins in Clovis.

"The majority have been natural spontaneous twins and the vast majority have gone close to full term and healthy babies, healthy moms," said Chritis Lubera, certified nurse midwife.

Two different moms who've already had twins at the women's medical center, had twins there again this year.

This phenomena has even been happening to their own staff.

"Two of the girls that work in labor and delivery, both of them are pregnant with twins," said Lubera.

Whatever the reason, staff at the medical center say it's been an interesting year.

"We've been joking that we don't want to drink the water, those of us that are not ready to have more babies." Said Lubera.


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