Heavy metals in your body? There's a test for that

KOIN - LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. (KOIN) - A Lake Oswego company is offering discounted tests for heavy metals in the body.

The simple urine test measures for 9 different possible toxins, including arsenic and cadmium which the DEQ says exceed safe levels in Southeast Portland's air.

New Century Labs is offering the comprehensive panel test for $299, with a $25 discount for those who use the online promo code TOX2016.

Similar tests can cost around $1,000 through a doctor's office.

Many Southeast Portland residents have expressed interest in the tests.

"I've had a number of people concerned about it," Naturopathic Dr. Holly Zapf said.

She says test results showed sky-high levels of cadmium in one of her patients.

"We don't know the reason," Dr. Zapf said. "We don't know what her exposure was."

That's why New Century Labs says it came up with a custom-made, comprehensive panel for heavy metals. It's sent off to their partners at Quest Diagnostics for testing.

"It's a reality for Portland and a serious thing people are very concerned about," Jennifer Bennett with New Century Labs said. "[The test] will tell them exactly how much… They can take that to their doctor [to] tell then what to do, the next step."

Dr. Zapf says she refers her patients to New Century Labs for toxin tests because it cuts time and expenses from the process. It takes 3-4 business days for results.

"That's what's unique… they're making it directly available to a patient," Dr. Zapf said.

Bennett says getting tested for heavy metals is a "proactive approach" to health.


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