Game Day tailgating reaches a whole new level

NEXTSTAR MEDIA - (NEXSTAR MEDIA) - Tailgating is a common Game Day tradition. One man has taken it to a whole new level, and he's getting ready for the biggest football game of the year.

Four years ago, Tim Watson started Game Day Traditions. The concept: Sports fans can rent a 12 by 30 foot fully stocked mobile suite and essentially tailgate in luxury.

"When it's cold out we have air conditioning, when it's hot out we have heat. On the inside we have three televisions, a little kitchen area, a living with sofa, a half bath with a TV in the bathroom and then on the outside we have a little patio, some dining areas, another 60 inch television and an outside refrigerator," Watson explained.

Not only do the suites provide a premier tailgating experience, but once it's time to head into the event, Game Day Traditions clients don't have far to travel.

"We try and get located as close to the stadium as possible, the prime real estate, so that we become a valuable spot. It's easy to walk into the game, all that kind of stuff," Watson said.

This is the first time Game Day Traditions is making an appearance at the Super Bowl, adding to a list of events that include the Final Four, the College World Series and the College Football National Championship, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

According to the company's Facebook page, high-end suites cost $30,000 for an entire season, or $5,000 for a single game.



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