Dog goes missing from Albuquerque groomer

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - An Albuquerque woman says a trip to the groomers for a routine haircut for her Yorkie ended in confusion and tears.

"Bailey is a big part of our family. We love her she's very mellow very friendly," Veronica Grine said.

She said the past few days have been heartbreaking, and that a piece of her family is missing.

"My eight-year-old is devastated about this. She says it's her best friend," Grine said.

Grine said Friday morning she dropped Bailey the two-year-old Yorkie off for a haircut at Ace of Hearts near Central and Atrisco. This local groomer has been in business for more than 30 years so she had no reason to believe something would happen to her dog under the groomer's watch.

"Never had any issues. Nice, I like the job they do," Grine said.

Grine said this is the fourth time she's taken Bailey there and that typically, she gets a call when the grooming is done. However, that call never came and Grine got worried.

"I called. It was about closing time. I called to see if she was ready and they told me she had already been picked up," Grine said.

Once she rushed to the business, she said employees told her a woman who looked like Grine came in and asked for Bailey, paid the tab and left.

"She said they carried on a conversation. She didn't ask the name, didn't ask the phone number just checked her out," Grine said.

Grine was confused and upset. She said Ace of Hearts then told her they breed dogs, including Yorkies, and tried to offer her one as an apology.

"They breed Yorkies and Poodles and they offered us. They did say it's not a replacement but they did offer us another dog, which nobody could replace our dog," Grine said.

Grine has since taken to social media pleading with whoever took Bailey to bring her back. She said she won't ask any questions.

"We're not here to bash anybody or pursue anything we just want our dog back," Grine said.

Grine said she's filed a police report. So far, there are no leads on what happened to Bailey.

Ace of Hearts did not return KRQE News 13's calls on Sunday. There is no word on how the woman who picked up Bailey paid for the grooming or if the company has working surveillance cameras.


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