Disbarred Albuquerque lawyer accused of stealing money from client

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)  - A controversial Albuquerque lawyer who has been disbarred is now being sued, accused of stealing money from a client.

In a federal lawsuit, a woman claims she wired $100,000 to attorney David "Chip" Venie to bond her son out of jail in 2012.

Her son bonded out of jail, then she switched lawyers. The new lawyer got the charges dismissed, but the $100,000 was refunded to Veinie.

He charged the 84-year-old mom $89,000 for his time.

That was one of the cases that got Venie disbarred this year.

You'll recall Chip Venie is the attorney who was captured on cell phone video five years ago shooting a homeless man in the leg in his downtown office five years ago.

His trial was marred by bizarre exchanges and warnings from the judge about his antics.

Venie was acquitted last year of the shooting charges.



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