'Dangerous spots' on UNM to get more lighting

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - As part of the University of New Mexico's Campus Safety Week, students are led around campus at night to show staff where more lighting is desperately needed.

"I was here at the Duck Pond maybe like two weeks ago and it wasn't super well lit. There were definitely areas of it that were dark," UNM sophomore, Ellen Lindland said.

Lindland says dark areas on campus make everyone, herself included, feel uneasy.

"Like, I have to do a double check around me and see if I'm safe and if there's anyone around me," said Lindland

After the Safety Walk, more than 160 students turned in a survey to Rob Burford, the Clery Act Compliance Officer for The University of New Mexico.

"The goal of the safety walk is to give the students an opportunity to give their perspective of what campus looks like at night," said Burford.

Burford  also says students identified a few main areas in need of new lights:

  • The west side of the Duck Pond
  • Tennis Courts East of building 85
  • A pathway from the Zimmerman Library to the Yale Parking Structure
  • The southeast side of campus near Central and Girard

"Some of them weren't surprising. Some of them were new things that have popped up," said Burford.

Now, UNM is in the process of fixing areas highlighted through the surveys.

"I put in approximately 160 work orders based on the safety walk. What they do is they prioritize those. Some are very simple. It's just replacing a light bulb so they can do those," said Burford.

However, the areas that need additional light fixtures will likely have to wait until next year.

"They'll go evaluate that area and see if that's something that they can put some funds towards in the next budget cycle," said Burford.

Students say the sooner more lights can be added to the campus, the better.

"If they add it in places where they know people are going or where there's not a lot of traffic, that would make me feel better," said Lindland.

There isn't a price tag for how much the projects will cost because the areas are still being evaluated.


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