Video: Woman kicks police during DWI stop

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Police say a New Mexico woman put up quite a fight with police when they tried to arrest her for a DWI. The women kicked an officer, and at one point, she also tried to give cops a lesson in the law.

Towery-Alvillar: "Please, babe. I'm not even kidding. I'm not drunk. These n***** set me up!" 

Albuquerque Police say they were responding to a car accident near Coors and Ellison, last week.

Police say Shaela Towery-Alvillar was behind the wheel and hit a parked car.

A criminal complaint says officers placed her in cuffs when they smelled alcohol, but she didn't take that too well.

Officer: "Stop resisting!" 

Towery-Alvillar: "Are you seriously handcuffing me?"

 Officer: "Stop resisting!"

When officers finally got her into custody, Towery-Alvillar gave them a hard time as they tried to read her her rights.

Officer: "Can you listen a minute?"

 Towery-Alvillar: "Yes, I will." 

Officer: "Okay, I'm going to read you your rights. You have the right to remain silent..."

However, the 18-year old refused to stay put and threw a temper tantrum.

When police tried to reason with her again, they say she got violent.

Officer: "Stop kicking me. Stop kicking me."

 Towery-Alvillar: "Stop, please!" 

Officer: "Stop kicking me." 

Police say she continued to kick and banged her head inside the police car, so they placed a restraint on her head.

She hated that too, but seemed more concerned about the status of her car.

Towery-Alvillar: "Where's my car!? Where's my car?!" 

When police got the station, Towery-Alvillar decided it was time to try and lay down the law.

Towery-Alvillar: "And guess what?"

 Officer: "What's that?" 

Towery-Alvillar: "One cop is only supposed to restrain one person, you realize that?" 

Officer: "Nope, actually it's not true at all. But, thank you for revising my policies."

She then tried to explain her violent behavior.

Towery-Alvillar: "I was having a seizure in the car, foaming out of my mouth, and no one would help me. That's why I was screaming in the car. Do you realize that? I was having a seizure in the car." 

Both officers didn't buy it.

Officer: "I'm just curious because I didn't see any foam when I came back and checked on you." 

Towery-Alvillar is charged with aggravated DWI and battery on a peace officer.

Back in December, she was charged with shoplifting.


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