Police encourage people to memorize their license plate numbers

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Thieves are up to something sneaky in Albuquerque and you might you want to be on alert. 

A woman says her license plate was stolen and swapped out with another while she was parked in a lot near Coors and Paradise while attending a dance class. 

Fortunately her husband noticed right away and reported it. 

Albuquerque Police say this happens a lot. 

"You have a clean license plate on a stolen car, and then you have a stolen license plate on your car, so we will think your car is stolen when it's coming off a different car. You need to be aware guys out there stealing license plates," Officer Simon Drobik said. 

Thieves are counting on you not noticing right away. 

Police say it's best you know your license plate number and check it regularly after parking in a public place. 


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