Search continues for man accused of shooting cop

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Albuquerque police have released still images of the man they say shot at one of their own early Saturday morning. Police said a traffic stop that quickly erupted into gunfire, left Officer Lou Golson with two gunshot wounds. The shooter is still on the run and police have not positively identified him.

APD says the FBI is looking at lapel video, so they have released three still images from the video instead.

According to police, the suspect was pulled over early Saturday morning just north of San Mateo and Montgomery. That's when they say he opened fire and then fled on foot. Police said Golson was able to return fire, but it isn't clear if the suspect was hit. They said the suspect was driving a vehicle that was stolen sometime Friday.

Despite saying they would, APD declined to release officer Golson's lapel cam video of the incident.

Chief Gorden Eden did his best to describe it.

"I have seen the video and the video lasts just a few seconds," Eden said at Sunday's news conference. "The officer exited his vehicle he approaches the vehicle shots were fired the officer returns fire and the suspect flees. It happens very, very quickly."

Police are urging the shooter to turn himself in and are also asking anyone who may know anything to reach out to them.

A $7,000 reward is being offered up. If you have any information in regards to this shooting, call police at 242-COPS.

Golson, a 31-year APD veteran, is an officer currently in the DWI unit. He underwent surgery and is now recovering. Police said Golson is married and has children, who have been with him at the hospital.

It's not clear right now if this was a random or targeted shooting.

APD dispatch did receive a call Friday claiming two deputies had been shot. That was not the case, though it's unclear if that threat is tied in any way to this shooting.


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