Big changes made to iconic Visit Albuquerque's logo

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - You've likely seen the signs across the city, but "Visit Albuquerque," in charge of tourism, is giving it an update. That means, the squiggly "Q's" are out.

"We really felt like we had used this logo for a decade, it was time," said Tania Armenta, the President and CEO of Visit Albuquerque.

The group formerly known as Albuquerque Convention and Visitor's Bureau is revamping their look in many ways. They released a new video, and also are using a new marketing tool, a view finder showing all the Duke City has to offer.

"A 360 degree video of Albuquerque that can be used for both trade shows, and other consumer events," said Armenta.

The oust of the old logo is the most recent change. The new design, created by McKee Wallwork and Company, has hot air balloons designs throughout the letters and the curvy Q's are gone.

"It's a nod to our past and also a look at our future," said Armenta.

She said they had many options, but there was a specific criteria, "It had to be the legibility, Albuquerque is hard to spell, we wanted it to be easy to read."

Armenta said they also wanted a strong cultural connection and to evoke an emotion to those who see it.

"We're really looking at keeping our marketing of Albuquerque very fresh, very relevant and paying attention to what's happening in the city," said Armenta.

The logo was strictly designed for Visit Albuquerque, but they said their hope is that their partners and the community embrace the new look, and use it as well.

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