APD arrests woman for fourth DWI

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) - A repeat drunk driver was arrested after crashing into another vehicle. This time, the Albuquerque Police officer called her out when she had trouble trying to explain how it happened.

Police said Nicole Candelaria, 35, was driving near Mountain and 12th Street just before 8 p.m. on March 27, when she crashed into a woman and her two passengers.

"Is all this damage from hitting her? How fast were you going?" the APD officer is heard saying in the police lapel video.

"Not past 10," Candelaria responded. 

"All this damage caused less than 10 miles an hour?" he asked. "So your airbags deployed at 10 miles an hour?" 

Candelaria did not deny hitting the other vehicle, but she had trouble explaining how it happened.

According to the criminal complaint, Candelaria first told police she backed up into the other vehicle, but then said she "was going forward."

Officers say they found six beer cans, one with some alcohol inside, and a small bottle of whiskey in her van.

She failed the field sobriety test, and police say she blew twice the legal limit.

Candelaria was charged with her fourth DWI and possession of an open container. According to court records, she's set to appear in court in May.

The three people in the vehicle that was hit were not seriously injured.


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