Albuquerque High teacher under fire for comments about immigrants

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - An Albuquerque High School teacher got some heat from parents after sharing her personal thoughts on illegal immigrants on her Facebook page.

The teacher posted on her page last month on the same day of the nationwide "A Day Without Immigrants" protest. Some students at Albuquerque High missed class as part of it.

In the teacher's post, she said her class was quieter than usual. There weren't students there to disrupt other students in the ESL class and she called that day a success.

The teacher continued on with her post by saying she thinks those violating immigration laws should be deported so the schools could have more room to better serve American citizen students.

Some parents and students who spoke with KRQE News 13 said they're upset students have to learn from someone like her.

"Disappointed because I always felt the school should be held to a higher standard, and this isn't helping their image," said Rayne Weahkee, a former AHS student.

"It's really disheartening that a teacher would have such awful things to say about her kids," said Gilbert Borunda, whose grandson attends AHS.

In a statement to KRQE News 13, an APS spokesperson said, "District officials are aware of this issue and have addressed it, but because it's a personnel issue, there's nothing more to share."

KRQE News 13 is not naming the teacher because it is not known if she was placed on leave. However, parents said the district's answer is not enough.

"It means they're unconcerned about the people who are teaching our nation's youth," said Weahkee.

"At minimum, she should be warned and discussed, you know have some sort of verbal warning about this kind of behavior," said Borunda.

Tim McCorkle, principal at Albuquerque High school said he has addressed the issue, but would not comment on if that teacher has been disciplined.

Back in 2014, Albuquerque Public Schools implemented a required social media training course for all teachers as part of their code of conduct. Unacceptable activities include any derogatory comments on race, religious affiliation and telling sexist or racist jokes.


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