Albuquerque group takes stolen car matters into own hands

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - People in Albuquerque are taking matters into their own hands to get their stolen cars back.

They're using a Facebook site called ABQ Alert. The site was started by Alison Glenna.

"A horrible experience. Sorry, I get emotional," said Glenna.

Glenna gets emotional every time she talks about what thieves took from her mom in June.

"My mom lost the one car she had because somebody decided they needed it more than her," she said.

Nearly two months went by before one of Glenna's friends found her mom's car abandoned on an Albuquerque street.

When she finally got it back, the battery was gone.

"It really hurts," said Glenna.

Now, Glenna wants to make sure no one else has to go through what her mom did.

She started the Facebook group called ABQ Alert. It lets people post pictures and information about their stolen cars.

The goal is to help find them faster.

New Mexico Young Actors Executive Director Paul Bowman says he hopes the site will help track down whoever stole the nonprofit's moving truck from a parking lot near Menaul and San Pedro northeast last week.

"If this truck isn't recovered we will have to get another one. I mean we need a vehicle like this to really do our business," said Bowman.

The Young Actors use the nearly $9,000 truck to transport their sets, props and costumes to shows around the state. Without the truck, it's difficult for the group of nine to 19-year-olds to travel.

"It's a little bit of a set back for us for sure," said Bowman.

Albuquerque police say more than 400 cars are reported stolen every month.

They say a site like ABQ Alert is a big help in recovering them.

"This is a way for all of Albuquerque getting together trying to help track a vehicle down," said Glenna.

The site tells people who are posting to file a police report as well.

APD says if people don't report stolen cars to them, they can't do much to help the victims.

ABQ Alert was created a few weeks ago. So far, its helped track down a couple of stolen cars.


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