Albuquerque attorney claims BCSO deputy is a murderer

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - A prominent Albuquerque attorney is accusing the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office of corruption and even murder. That attorney is now asking the Attorney General to launch and investigation into the department.

Attorney Sam Bregman says the Undersheriff's son, who is also a BSCO deputy, is a murderer and that his dad and the Sheriff are protecting him.

"I believe he's unethical. I believe that he's called the deputy a murderer, is not transparent with his due process," said Sheriff Manny Gonzales III.

KRQE News 13 asked Sheriff Gonzales about Bregman's claims Friday, as Undersheriff Rudy Mora stood by his side.

Back in November, two people were shot and killed after a high-speed chase ended at Coors and Glenrio.

In a letter to the Attorney General, Bregman says the AG's office needs to investigate and prosecute Deputy Joshua Mora, for shooting and killing Isaac Padilla and Martin Jim, following that chase.

The two were unarmed and stopped when Deputy Mora fired seven shots into the stolen truck.

Deputy Mora is the son of Undersheriff Rudy Mora.

In the letter, Bregman accuses BSCO of corruption and says the Sheriff and Undersheriff used their power to help Mora become a deputy.

During Friday's news conference, which was about a different shooting, the Sheriff took a shot at the media for asking about Bregman's claims.

"Just that I understand, you know, it's your sweeps week. I believe this is politically charged by the defense attorney," said Sheriff Gonzales III.

Back in December, Sheriff Gonzales III said the shooting was justified, describing Padilla as a threat to deputies because he revved the truck.

The families of Padilla and Jim have both filed lawsuits against the department for the shooting.

In the letter to the AG, Bregman also claims the department has ignored red flags so that Mora could get and keep his job.


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